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Dan is available for any performance in need of a drummer/percussionist, whether it be a live gig or a studio session.


As well as being available for live sessions on location, Dan is also able to offer recording services remotely with either:

- Fully mic'd acoustic drums recorded in a studio setting

- Midi tracking - Dan has invested in top quality Electric drums and  VST's to offer Midi drum tracking remotely.

Obviously a live session with a human player is always a better option if you have the budget/time, however this option is proving to be a popular way for musicians, engineers and artists to produce tracks at this time to quickly meet a specific brief, quick time limit or budget. The aim with this option is to create as realistic a sound as can be, and with the quality of today's VST's, this is now possible.

The drum track is played in "live" via the electric kit, the MIDI signal taken from this is then processed by the VST and turned into high quality drum sample tracks for each individual part of the kit (Kick, Snare, Overheads, Room etc...). The individual stems for each part of the kit are sent over to you as a high quality WAV files to be mixed as if you are working with a fully live kit, and as the samples are played in and not programmed, it gives you the "realistic" sound that you need.


Dan is currently among the drum kit teaching staff at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, previously he has taught on behalf of education authorities, privately from home as well as on a freelance basis for various schools and Colleges. He now has limited space for private drum lessons, whether it be an online video lesson via Zoom, or in person.


Dan has also facilitated drum clinic's/workshops at a number of schools/institutions including the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Dullwich College and Leeds Arts University.


Please send an email via the contact page for more info.

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